Cour, 28 rue Bonaparte by Eugene Atget (1910)

The photograph “Cour, 28 rue Bonaparte” taken by the artist Eugene Atget in 1910 depicts an atmospheric scene of a Parisian bookstore. The image captures an old bookstore as seen from the street, with the word “LIBRAIRIE” prominently displayed above the entrance. The entrance is adorned with two symmetrical staircases leading to a central door, each flanked by potted plants and under a semi-circular archway. There are various signs and placards on the wall, one of which reads “CONTE-BERQUIN” and another “M’ LEMON”. The photograph exudes a sense of quiet and historical charm, meticulously documenting the architectural and commercial details of the early 20th-century Parisian streetscape.

The photograph showcases Atget’s characteristic attention to detail and his interest in capturing the essence of Paris before modern changes. It displays a bookstore with a rustic appeal, emphasizing the textures and signage typical of the era. The composition is balanced, with the darkness of the interior contrasting the lighter fa├žade and cobblestones of the courtyard. The image serves as a historical document, giving viewers insight into the urban environment and commercial establishments of Paris at the time.

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