Hotel des Archeveques de Lyon, rue Saint-Andre-des-Arts, 58 by Eugene Atget (1900)

The photograph titled “Hotel des Archeveques de Lyon, rue Saint-Andre-des-Arts, 58” was taken by the artist Eugene Atget in the year 1900. It captures a beautifully detailed doorway presumably belonging to the Hotel des Archeveques de Lyon located on rue Saint-Andre-des-Arts in Paris, France.

In the image, we see an ornately carved double door. The doors feature relief carvings of medallion portraits, each depicting a face surrounded by decorative elements and foliage. Above the doors is an elaborate carving that includes a central crest flanked by more intricate foliage patterns. The doors are framed by smooth, straight architectural elements, contrasting with the ornate details of the woodworking. The textures of the wood and the stonework framing the doorway are particularly prominent. A plaque to the left of the door reads “Defense D’afficher”, which translates to “Post No Bills,” a notice prohibiting the posting of advertisements or bills on the building’s facade. The doorway itself is slightly ajar, offering a glimpse into a darkened corridor or courtyard beyond, hinting at the space that lies inside. The photography style, the monochromatic tone, and the attention to architectural detail reflect the historical and documentary approach characteristic of Atget’s work capturing the vanishing parts of Paris at the beginning of the 20th century.

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