Parc de Sceaux, mars, 7 h. matin by Eugene Atget (1925)

The photograph titled “Parc de Sceaux, mars, 7 h. matin” was captured by the artist Eugene Atget in the year 1925. In the image, the foreground is dominated by a prominent, textured tree trunk with diagonal wooden bars behind it, creating a geometric contrast to the organic lines of the tree. The background reveals a serene pond or small lake surrounded by a lightly wooded area. The reflection of the trees on the smooth surface of the water gives a tranquil and mirrored appearance. The photograph conveys a peaceful, early morning atmosphere within the Parc de Sceaux, characterized by a gentle interplay of light and shadow, as well as the intermingling of natural and man-made elements.

Other Photographs from Eugene Atget

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