Charenton, vieux moulin by Eugene Atget (1915)

The photograph titled “Charenton, vieux moulin” was captured by artist Eugene Atget in the year 1915. It is a black and white image that exhibits the rustic charm of an old structure by the water.

The photo itself shows a large, arching stone bridge with a waterway passing underneath. The architecture suggests an aged patina, reminiscent of construction techniques from earlier centuries. On the left side, a segment of the bridge appears to be part of a building with what might have been a water wheel or mill infrastructure, given the title “vieux moulin” which means “old mill” in French. There’s a stone wall extending from the right of the arch, curving slightly as it follows the riverbank. The reflection of the bridge’s arch and the surrounding foliage is visible on the water’s surface, adding depth and serenity to the scene. The photograph has an overall serene quality, with the foliage, stonework, and reflective water combining to create a harmonious composition that transports the viewer to the start of the 20th century.

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