Rue du Maure by Eugene Atget (c. 1908)

The photograph titled “Rue du Maure” was taken by the artist Eugene Atget around 1908. It depicts a narrow, curving street in what appears to be an older quarter, likely in Paris given Atget’s extensive work documenting the city during that era. The buildings on either side of the cobblestone street give it a closed, intimate feeling, with their relatively blank facades interrupted only by windows and doors. Notably, there’s a shop sign that reads “CHAUDRONNERIE” signifying a metalworking shop specializing in items like cauldrons or boilers. A person is partly visible behind a barred gate at the street corner, adding an element of human presence to the scene. This figure provides a sense of scale and adds to the photograph’s character, suggesting the daily life and human stories intertwined with the city’s architecture.

Other Photographs from Eugene Atget

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