Robert Moses by Arnold Newman (1959)

The photograph is titled “Robert Moses,” captured by the artist Arnold Newman in New York in 1959. The image portrays a man standing confidently with his hands on his hips, set against the backdrop of the New York City skyline. He is positioned on a red girder, which is part of a structure that projects into what appears to be a body of water. The city skyline is a defining feature, with notable buildings that suggest the photograph depicts an urban development or influence related to the man.

The figure in the photograph exudes authority and seems to be associated with the development or infrastructure symbolized by the red girder he stands on. The clear skies and visibility of the skyscrapers provide a contrast to the industrial red, reinforcing the subjects’ connection to the urban environment. His business attire, comprising a suit and tie, along with his confident posture, indicates he may be a person of significant influence or power related to city planning, development, or politics.

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