Yasuo Kuniyoshi by Arnold Newman (1941)

The photograph titled “Yasuo Kuniyoshi” was taken by artist Arnold Newman in New York, in the year 1941. It captures a black-and-white portrait of a man sitting in a room.

In the photograph, a man, presumably Yasuo Kuniyoshi, is sitting relaxed on an ornate chaise lounge with leopard print upholstery, which adds a patterned contrast to the otherwise subdued room. He appears contemplative or resting, wearing a suit and glasses, and holding a cigarette in his left hand, which rests on his knee. The room has a simple, almost sparse decor with plain walls and a small framed artwork hanging above the chaise lounge on the left.

To the man’s right, there’s a round table with a dark pedestal base, upon which a decorative duck sculpture and a fruit bowl are placed, contributing an element of domestic still life to the scene. The soft lighting casts gentle shadows on the floor, and the overall setup provides a sense of quiet and intimacy, capturing a moment of pause in the subject’s life.

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