Red Brick Wall by Arnold Newman (1948)

The photograph titled “Red Brick Wall” was taken by Arnold Newman in New York, 1948. This photograph portrays an urban scene with the main focus on the contrasting textures of building walls and a harmony of colors. The picture shows the juxtaposition of two buildings: on the right, a building with red bricks and a couple of windows, one of which has an air conditioning unit sticking out; on the left, an older building with a darker brick fa├žade characterized by multiple arched windows indicative of a different architectural era. A large, green, tarp-covered structure seems to serve as an extension of the lower part of the red brick building, creating a strong color contrast with the red brick wall and the green tarp. The windows and architectural details of the two buildings suggest a story of urban development and architectural evolution. There is a sense of layered history in the image, as evidenced by the varying conditions and styles of the windows and the buildings’ facades.

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