Red Interior, Provincetown by Joel Meyerowitz (1977)

The photograph titled “Red Interior, Provincetown” was taken by artist Joel Meyerowitz in 1977. The image captures a scene during twilight or early night, with the moon visible in the sky, providing a natural light that contrasts with the artificial lighting along the side of what appears to be a row of simple, white-painted buildings. The focus of the scene is on a vintage car parked in the foreground with its driver-side door and rear passenger door open, emitting a vibrant red light from the interior, which stands out in the dim surroundings. This red light draws the viewer’s attention and gives the image its name. The buildings recede into the background, with a sign that is partially lit, possibly indicating a motel or similar establishment. Electric wires stretch across the frame, adding another layer of linear perspective to the composition. The atmosphere is still and somewhat mysterious, suggesting a moment captured in time on a quiet evening.

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