Red Head, Cape Cod by Joel Meyerowitz (1981)

The photograph titled “Red Head, Cape Cod” was taken by the artist Joel Meyerowitz in the year 1981. In the image, there is a person with striking red hair. The individual appears to be damp, as if they have just been swimming or are caught in a light rain, with droplets on their skin and the hair sticking to their forehead and cheeks. Their hair falls freely around their face and shoulders. This person is draped in a towel, or possibly a thin blanket, that they hold with one hand, suggesting the photograph might have been captured right after a dip in the water. The attire is relaxed, which is consistent with the casual, natural setting of Cape Cod. The background is a blur of greenery, indicating an outdoor, possibly wooded area. The individual’s expression is pensive and intense, staring directly at the camera with a mix of openness and contemplation. The sunlight highlights the texture and colors of their hair, giving a warm, vivid quality to the photograph.

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