Prostitute at angle of by Brassai

The photograph titled “Prostitute at angle of” was created by the artist Brassai. It captures a scene on the streets of Paris at the intersection of Rue de la Reynie and Rue Quincampoix. This black and white image is evocative of the nighttime ambiance of the city and features a lone woman standing by a wall at the corner of a building. The shops behind her are closed, with the words “PEINTURES” and “COLORS” visible on the window shutters and “FROMAGE” written above, suggesting a paint shop and a cheese shop in the vicinity.

The woman is standing in profile, illuminated by a streetlight that casts a stark shadow on the ground, highlighting her form against the dimly lit surroundings. She appears to be dressed in a coat or long dress, with her hair done up, suggesting an era from the early to mid-20th century. Her posture conveys a sense of waiting or anticipation. The overall tone of the photograph is moody and somber, with the contrast of light and shadow creating a dramatic effect, which is characteristic of Brassai’s photography style that often portrays the night life of Paris.

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