Powerhouse Mechanic by Lewis Hine (1920)

The photograph titled “Powerhouse Mechanic,” taken in 1920 by artist Lewis Hine, captures a moment in an industrial setting. It shows a man working intently on a piece of machinery. His focus is on his work as he seems to be turning or leveraging a large wrench with both hands. The man is dressed in a sleeveless shirt, showcasing his muscular arms, indicative of the physical labor inherent in his task. Behind him is a large, riveted machine with various dials and pipes, illustrating the industrial atmosphere of the era. The photograph is in black and white, which adds to the historic and gritty feel of the scene. Overall, the image is a powerful representation of the industrial workforce of the early 20th century, demonstrating both the human effort and the mechanical complexity of the time.

Other Photographs from Lewis Hine

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