Handicapped – Crippled Steelworker by Lewis Hine ( c. 1908-1909)

The photograph titled “Handicapped – Crippled Steelworker” was taken by artist Lewis Hine in Pittsburgh, around 1908-1909. This historical black-and-white image captures a moment in the life of a steelworker who has been injured and is navigating life with a disability.

In the photograph, a man appears to be making his way up a slight incline or step using two crutches. The setting seems to be an urban environment, as suggested by the wooden clapboard siding of the building behind him and the cobblestone street. The steelworker is dressed in workwear typical of the early 20th century, including a brimmed hat, a jacket, and trousers. His facial expression is solemn, reflecting the gravity of his circumstances, possibly alluding to the harsh realities of industrial labor during that era. His mustache is well-groomed, and he looks straight forward, indicating determination and resilience despite his physical condition. The surroundings and his attire provide clues about the working-class life during the time the photograph was taken.

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