Street Child by Lewis Hine (c. 1910)

The photograph entitled “Street Child” was taken by Lewis Hine around the year 1910. It is a black-and-white image capturing the visage of a young child who appears to be standing on the street. The child is dressed in a long-sleeve sweater and overalls, with a cap on the head. The attire suggests a working-class status, typical of the era’s street children. There is a backdrop of a wooden structure, possibly the side of a building, which adds to the urban environment context. The child’s hands are tucked into what appears to be pockets or folds in the overalls, and the face bears a subtle smile or smirk, giving off a sense of bravado or resilience despite the likely challenging circumstances. The photograph’s expressive detail and the child’s attire provide insight into the socio-economic climate of the early 20th century.

Other Photographs from Lewis Hine

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