Three Girls on Street by Lewis Hine ( c. 1910)

The photograph, titled “Three Girls on Street” by artist Lewis Hine, was taken around 1910. It captures a moment of interaction between three young girls on a city street. The image, in black and white, features the three girls standing closely together. One of the girls is eating something, while the other two seem to be engaged in conversation. The girls are dressed in clothing that suggests the era of the early 20th century with details such as puffy sleeves, high collars, and full skirts.

In the background, there are other figures including a man standing to the right with a hat and vest looking into the camera, which adds depth to the scene and provides a glimpse into the social dynamics of the time. The ambient lighting creates a strong contrast of light and shadow, emphasizing the subjects and the environment of the urban setting. The photograph captures a candid moment that reflects the day-to-day life of that historical period.

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