Migrant Mother; by Dorothea Lange

The photograph titled “Migrant Mother” is a renowned image captured by artist Dorothea Lange. This iconic piece of photojournalism dates from the time Lange spent documenting the dire circumstances of farm workers and their families in Nipomo, California, during the Great Depression. The photograph is revered for its powerful depiction of the era’s struggles.

In the picture, there is a woman centered in the frame, with two children nestled against her, their faces turned away and buried into her shoulders. The woman’s expression is one of concern and contemplation, her hand brought to her face as she gazes off into the distance. She appears to be in her thirties, and the worry lines etched on her face suggest the hard realities of the life she’s living. The tight crop of the photograph draws the viewer’s focus onto the subjects, making their emotions and the hard, textured details of their clothing and faces all the more impactful. The photograph not only serves as a piece of historical documentation but also as a lasting symbol of resilience and maternal fortitude amidst adversity.

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