Crossroads Store, by Dorothea Lange

The photograph titled “Crossroads Store” by artist Dorothea Lange was taken in Person County, North Carolina.

The black-and-white photograph depicts a scene at a rural crossroads store. There is a group of five individuals sitting and lounging on the front porch of the store, which has a rough-hewn look with wooden planks and exposed structure. The porch is cluttered with various signs and advertisements, particularly for tobacco products like Chesterfield and Old Gold cigarettes, and for Coca-Cola. On the left, there’s an old-fashioned gasoline pump, adding to the vintage feel of the image. The expressions of the individuals and the rustic setting suggest a portrayal of rural American life, likely from the early to mid-20th century, which is evocative of Lange’s work documenting the human condition during the Great Depression era. The wear and tear visible on the building and the casual postures of the people provide insights into the era’s socioeconomic conditions.

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