Mexican dwarf in his hotel room in N.Y.C. by Diane Arbus (1970)

The photograph titled “Mexican dwarf in his hotel room in N.Y.C.” was captured by the artist Diane Arbus in the year 1970. It portrays a man of short stature, a little person, sitting on a bed in a hotel room. He appears shirtless, draped with a towel or piece of cloth over his lap. He is wearing a hat and has a bold expression on his face, looking directly at the camera with a relaxed demeanor. Behind him, there is wallpaper with a floral pattern and a bottle resting on a piece of furniture, suggesting a personal and casual setting. The image is in black and white, which is characteristic of Arbus’s photography style and adds to the intimate and candid nature of the moment she has captured.

Other Photographs from Diane Arbus

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