Langston Hughes, Chicago by Gordon Parks (1941)

The photograph titled “Langston Hughes, Chicago” was taken by the artist Gordon Parks in 1941. It captures a portrait moment of an individual framed within a geometric setting, creating an interplay of light and shadows.

In the black and white photograph, a man appears through an opening that seems to be a square frame or window. His hand is pressed against the surface, palm outwards, as if to accentuate his presence or imply a gesture of communication or barrier. The man’s face shows a direct gaze toward the viewer, engaging the audience with a calm and pensive expression. The stark contrast of light and shadow across his face and the surrounding environment adds drama and depth to the composition. The photograph’s thoughtful framing and the interplay between the figure and the space around him suggest a carefully constructed tableau that invites reflection on the subject’s identity and context.

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