Houses and Billboards in Atlanta, Georgia by Walker Evans (1936)

The photograph “Houses and Billboards in Atlanta, Georgia” by Walker Evans was taken in the year 1936. This black-and-white photo captures a stark contrast between domestic residences and commercial advertisement. It shows two wood-framed houses situated side by side with pitched roofs, a style typical of a past era. In front of the houses, there are large billboards featuring advertisements for movies, prominently displaying the names Anne Shirley for the movie “Chatterbox” and Carole Lombard for “Love Before Breakfast.” One can notice details like the ornate windows of the houses and the text on the billboards, as well as additional smaller posters to the right of these billboards that are less discernible. The juxtaposition of the weathered architecture of the houses with the glamorous images and bold text of the movie advertisements creates a compelling urban landscape scene that reflects cultural and economic aspects of the time.

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