Empire State Building, 12th Avenue, New York City by Joel Meyerowitz (1978)

The photograph titled “Empire State Building, 12th Avenue, New York City” created by artist Joel Meyerowitz in 1978, presents an urban landscape at a time that captures the essence of New York City during that era. In the foreground, there’s a small building with signs for “Coca Cola” and the words “Luncheonette Soda Sandwiches” indicating that it’s a small eatery. This modest, unassuming structure contrasts with the iconic Empire State Building that can be seen piercing the sky in the distant background, situated amid a cluster of other high-rise buildings. The skyline provides a juxtaposition between the everyday commerce in the foreground and the soaring architectural achievements in the distance. The time of day appears to be either dawn or dusk, with soft lighting enhancing the textures and details of the urban scene. The photograph encapsulates the layers of city life, from the humble to the grandiose, within the dense fabric of New York City.

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