County of Sutherland, Scotland by Stephen Shore (1988)

The photograph titled “County of Sutherland, Scotland” is a work by artist Stephen Shore captured in the year 1988. It is a picturesque depiction of the landscape in the Sutherland region of Scotland.

In the image, we see a serene and lush landscape that is characteristic of the Scottish highlands. The foreground is dominated by an assortment of vegetation, with varying shades of green, yellow, and hints of red, likely signifying different types of plants and perhaps the change of seasons. A single tree stands taller than the surrounding foliage, drawing attention as a central figure against the background.

Rugged, rocky outcrops and undulating hills create a sense of depth, extending the view into the distance. The sky, while visible at the top, is overcast, with the possibility of an opening in the clouds letting through a bit of brightness, although the lighting suggests a mostly uniformly lit scene without harsh shadows, indicating an overcast or diffused lighting situation. It appears to be either a late summer or early autumn setting given the fullness of the vegetation and the hint of color change in the foliage, enhancing the peaceful and natural beauty of the region. No human presence or artificial structures are visible, highlighting the untouched natural environment of Sutherland County in Scotland.

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