Corner of State and Randolph Streets, Chicago by Walker Evans (1946)

The photograph titled “Corner of State and Randolph Streets, Chicago” was taken by artist Walker Evans in the year 1946. It depicts two women standing side by side, facing towards the camera. The woman on the left is wearing round-framed sunglasses and has her hair styled in curls. She is dressed in a dark-colored outfit with a light-colored collar, and her expression is somewhat neutral with a hint of a smile. The woman on the right has her hair styled in waves and is not wearing sunglasses. She is wearing a light-colored blouse and her expression seems more serious or contemplative. Both women appear poised and are standing in what looks like an urban environment. Behind them, you can partially see the corner of a building and what seems to be a pole with some utility lines. The image captures a moment of everyday life from the mid-20th century.

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