Cocktails on Gorky Street, Moscow by Margaret Bourke-White (1941)

The photograph “Cocktails on Gorky Street, Moscow” was taken by the artist Margaret Bourke-White in 1941. The image captures what appears to be an upscale bar or cafe setting, likely in Moscow, given the title.

The photograph is in black and white, and it depicts an elegant interior with patrons enjoying their time at the establishment. On the left, a man sits at a small table, seemingly in deep thought or waiting for someone, while a group of three people is engaged in conversation at a table next to him. To the right, several guests are seated at a bar with tall stools, facing a bartender or server who’s standing behind the counter. At the rear, a grand, sweeping staircase leads to an upper level, drawing the eye upwards to where two people can be seen conversing at the top of the stairs. The d├ęcor is quite opulent, featuring decorative moldings, a chandelier, and artworks on the walls, which create an atmosphere of refinement and comfort typical of upscale venues of that era. The patrons are dressed formally, suggesting that this was a place frequented by the well-to-do or for special occasions. The image is a window into the social life of Moscow just before the significant events of the Second World War would unfold.

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