Dr. Kurt Lisso, Leipzig’s city treasurer, by Margaret Bourke-White

The photograph titled “Dr. Kurt Lisso, Leipzig’s city treasurer,” captured by Margaret Bourke-White, depicts a tragic scene where Dr. Lisso, his wife, and daughter are seen after taking poison. The photograph was taken in the year stated within the title context.

The photograph is a black and white image that shows three individuals in a dimly lit office setting, appearing lifeless. On the left, a man, presumably Dr. Kurt Lisso, is slumped forward over a desk that’s cluttered with papers, a telephone, and other objects. His head is resting on his arm, which is on the desk.

To the right, two women are lying on a sofa, one slightly on top of the other, suggesting they are the wife and daughter. Their eyes are closed and they appear to be at rest, but the context indicates they are deceased. The room has a heavy, somber atmosphere with classic wood paneling, a patterned rug, and vintage furnishing, contributing to the grave and historical nature of the scene. The image captures a dark moment in history, fraught with despair, and has likely been taken shortly after the events unfolded, as indicated by the description.

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