Nazi Storm Troopers’ training class by Margaret Bourke-White (1938)

The photograph titled “Nazi Storm Troopers’ training class” was taken by Margaret Bourke-White in 1938. It depicts two young boys dressed in paramilitary-style uniforms. The boys appear to be somewhat solemn and resolute, with the elder one looking directly at the camera with a serious expression, while the younger one looks off to the side. Their attire includes shirts with buttoned pockets and shoulder straps, as well as belts with what appear to be buckles featuring a symbol. Each boy has a strap crossing his chest, which could be part of a harness or part of their uniform design. The photograph captures a moment that reflects the indoctrination of youth that was prevalent in Nazi Germany before World War II, offering a poignant look at how children were involved in militaristic training and propaganda during that era.

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