Citizen in downtown Havana by Walker Evans (1933)

The photograph titled “Citizen in downtown Havana” was captured by artist Walker Evans in the year 1933. It depicts a scene from downtown Havana with a focus on a particular individual.

In the black and white photograph, we see an elegantly dressed man standing prominently in the foreground. He is wearing a white suit with a matching white hat, exuding a sense of style and confidence. His pose seems relaxed, yet there’s an air of sophistication about him. In his right hand, he holds what appears to be a folded newspaper or document. In the background, there are other individuals who are less prominently featured. One appears to be glancing at papers or newsprints, possibly newspapers. The setting includes architectural elements typical of an urban environment, and there’s a partial view of a Coca-Cola sign, suggesting the presence of global brands in Havana at the time. The man’s attire and the urban background together paint a picture of the societal context in Havana during the early 1930s.

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