Chez “Suzy” by Brassai (1932-33)

The photograph “Chez ‘Suzy'” is a work by Brassai, created in the period of 1932-33. The image captures a scene seemingly from an interior space, possibly of a cabaret or a similar venue based on the title’s suggestion. The photo features two individuals who appear to be women, with emphasis on their forms and posture in a dimly lit setting.

In the black-and-white image, the central figure is seated comfortably with one leg crossed over the other, leaning back while holding what looks like a cigarette. Her relaxed pose and the smoke contribute to a languid, almost hazy atmosphere. The second figure is turned away from the viewer, tending to something on a table or counter, with her head bowed down, making her actions obscure.

The use of light and shadow plays a significant role in this composition, creating a dramatic contrast that highlights the subjects’ contour and the texture of their clothing. The clothing of both figures is reminiscent of the fashion of the time, with draped garments that suggest a leisurely or perhaps nocturnal setting. The photo has a grainy texture and a sense of immediacy, as if capturing a candid moment in a private setting.

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