[Burroughs Family Cabin, Hale County, Alabama] by Walker Evans (1936)

The photograph titled “[Burroughs Family Cabin, Hale County, Alabama]” was captured by the artist Walker Evans in the year 1936. It depicts an interior scene of a rustic cabin, showing a glimpse of everyday life from that era.

In the black and white image, we see the wooden interior of a modest cabin. There’s a rough-hewn table adorned with a patterned tablecloth occupying the left side of the frame. Resting on the table is an oil lamp, adding a touch of homey detail. A plain white dish towel hangs from a nail on a wooden post, drawing the eye with its simplicity and its contrast against the dark wood. To the right, mounted on the wall, is a cabinet with its door slightly ajar, revealing some contents. Below the cabinet, there is a white basin sitting on what appears to be a small shelf or ledge. The textures of the wood on the walls, table, and floor are rich with detail, telling a story of a lived-in space. The photograph reflects a slice of life from the Great Depression era in the American South, captured with the documentary eye of Walker Evans.

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