Blind Man, Spain by Joel Meyerowitz (1967)

The photograph “Blind Man, Spain” was captured by Joel Meyerowitz in 1967. The black-and-white image depicts a street scene in Spain where a blind man is sitting at a table.

In the photograph, the blind man is seated at the right side of the frame, resting his hands on a small rectangular folding table on which two saucers and a cup are placed. He is wearing a jacket, a flat cap, and dark glasses. The man appears to be turned slightly towards the sun, with his face upraised as if to feel the warmth. The table is on a sidewalk adjacent to a building with a texture that suggests sunlight is casting shadows upon it.

Behind the blind man, the street is bustling with activity. Various figures are captured in mid-movement; there’s a woman seen from the back with her hands on her hips, looking at children playing. One child is holding a large, striped umbrella or sunshade. On the left side of the frame, a group of people is standing in front of a shop or an establishment, while others pass by, all engaged in their own activities, seemingly oblivious to the blind man. The setting seems to be in a town or village square, and behind the people in the mid-ground, there’s a car parked alongside buildings, contributing to an overall sense of daily life in a communal space.

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