“Bijou” of the Montmartre cabarets by Brassai

The photograph “Bijou” of the Montmartre cabarets” is a work by the artist Brassai, taken from the collection “Paris by Night.” The image captures a scene seemingly from a cabaret in Montmartre, a historically bohemian district known for its artistic and nightlife scenes.

In this black and white photograph, we see an individual who gives the impression of being a performer from the Montmartre cabarets, as suggested by their theatrical appearance. The subject is seated at a small table with a glass and an ashtray, which contain a cigarette. They are dressed in elaborate attire, with a patterned dress, a fur coat draped over their shoulders, and a hat adorned with what appears to be a feather. The person’s expression is pensive, possibly fatigued, with their gaze directed off to the side, conveying a moment of introspection or rest amidst the lively atmosphere of the cabaret. This image captures the essence of the Parisian nightlife from an era known for its rich cultural vibrancy.

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