Back by Dorothea Lange (1938)

The photograph titled “Back,” created by Dorothea Lange in 1938, captures the image of a man with his back to the camera. He appears to be a working-class individual, wearing a hat and a long-sleeve shirt that is saturated with sweat, hinting at physical labor under a hot sun. His arms are raised, and his hands are clasped behind his head, suggesting a moment of rest, fatigue, or possibly an attempt to alleviate some discomfort. Another individual can be partially seen in the background, also facing away and wearing a brimmed hat, which creates a sense of depth and context within the photo. The setting seems to be outdoors with ample sunlight, reinforcing the notion of an agricultural or outdoor work environment. The composition and the clear signs of exertion displayed by the man speak to themes of toil and the American working experience during that time period.

Other Photographs from Dorothea Lange

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