A family on their lawn one Sunday in Westchester, N.Y. by Diane Arbus (1968)

The photograph titled “A family on their lawn one Sunday in Westchester, N.Y.” was taken by the artist Diane Arbus in 1968. It captures an intimate yet detached portrait of a family in a suburban setting.

In the black and white image, we see a man and a woman reclining on chaise lounges in a spacious backyard. The man, shirtless and in shorts, lies with one hand over his head and the other resting on his chest. He seems to be in a state of rest or possibly asleep. The woman, clad in a light-colored dress, reclines with her eyes closed and her arms comfortably resting along the sides of her lounge chair. Both individuals appear relaxed in a casual, private moment.

A small round table with what seems to be books or magazines, and a drink, sits between them on the neatly trimmed lawn. In the background, a young boy is bent over, seemingly picking something from the grass, with his back turned towards the camera. He is somewhat distant from the lounging couple, suggesting a sense of separation despite the close proximity. The backdrop is filled with a dense row of trees, which might indicate the borders of the property, enhancing the feeling of a private, domestic environment.

The scene feels still and peaceful, capturing the essence of suburban life in the late 1960s. The photograph is notable for its candid and unpretentious representation of family life, emblematic of Arbus’s photography style that often explored the dynamics of ordinary people and social relationships.

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