4th and Market by Joel Meyerowitz (1977)

The photograph named “4th and Market” was taken by the artist Joel Meyerowitz in St Louis, in the year 1977. The image captures a street scene illuminated by what appears to be the warm light of the setting or rising sun. The composition includes architectural elements where the first third of the photo is dominated by the side of a cream-colored building with classical detailing. Moving further along, the viewer’s eye is drawn to the iconic Gateway Arch, which is seen from a perspective that cleverly aligns it between two other urban structures—a tall office building to its right and a more traditional brick building with large windows to its left. There are no people visible in the frame, which, combined with the long shadows cast across the road, suggests an early or late time of day when the streets are less busy. The colors are rich and skew towards warmer tones, giving a sense of tranquility and emptiness in a usually bustling urban environment.

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