42nd St. by Walker Evans (1929)

The photograph titled “42nd St.” is a work by Walker Evans taken in the year 1929. In the image, there’s a street scene probably captured in New York City, considering the title references 42nd Street, which is a famous thoroughfare in the city. The focus appears to be on a person who is standing in the center of the frame, wearing a heavy, fur-lined coat and a hat. This individual is looking directly at the camera with an expression that is open to interpretation – it could be interpreted as a mix of curiosity, wariness, or straightforward gaze meeting the lens of the photographer.

In the background, we can see the hustle and bustle of city life with vintage cars on the street and storefronts advertising products like cigars. The photograph captures the essence of the urban American life during the late 1920s, reflecting Walker Evans’ penchant for documenting everyday life and the people within it with a straightforward, documentary-style approach. The image serves as a time capsule showing the fashion, transportation, and advertising of the time.

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