Young Woman in Profile by Nadar (c. 1859)

The photograph titled “Young Woman in Profile” was taken by the artist Nadar around 1859. It features a portrait of a young woman shown in profile. She appears solemn or contemplative. Her hair is styled in a manner typical of the time period and is pulled back, with a part visible on the side visible to the camera. She is dressed in a dark outfit with what seems to be a high collar or perhaps a shawl that cloaks her shoulders, contributing to the portrait’s sense of modesty and refinement. The photograph itself has a soft quality to it, likely due to the photographic techniques of the time, and utilizes a shallow depth of field to keep the focus on the woman’s face. The background is nondescript and does not distract from the subject, enhancing the intimate feel of the image.

Other Photographs from Nadar

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