William Goldberg by Berenice Abbott (c. 1935-39)

The photograph “William Goldberg” was taken by Berenice Abbott, an American photographer, around the period of 1935-39. This image captures a street scene focusing on the storefront of a clothing retailer, prominently featuring signage advertising “SUITS TOPCOATS” with the name “GOLDBERG” emblazoned across multiple large, bold signs. Prices are displayed on some of the signs, indicating the affordability of the merchandise.

In detail, the photo shows a bustling urban environment with multiple signs and advertisements competing for attention, yet the Goldberg store dominates the view. Large block letters spell out sale items, and there are signs announcing low-cost suits, topcoats, and hats. The scene is lively, with several people visible walking by the storefront and a few individuals who appear to be customers or employees standing at the store entrance. The architecture of the surrounding buildings is typical of the early 20th-century urban American landscape, with fire escapes visible on the facade above the store. The photograph is black and white, adding a historical and documentary feel to the image.

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