Rockefeller Center from 444 Madison Avenue by Berenice Abbott (c. 1935-39)

The photograph “Rockefeller Center from 444 Madison Avenue” was taken by the artist Berenice Abbott around the years 1935 to 1939. In it, we can observe a commanding view of the Rockefeller Center as seen from the vantage point of 444 Madison Avenue. The image captures the art deco architectural prominence of the central building, with its vertical lines drawing the eye upwards, contrasting against the surrounding urban landscape. It’s a black and white photograph, with the skyscraper standing out as the central feature, flanked by other high-rise buildings on either side. The scale and grandeur of the structure are emphasized by the perspective, with other buildings in the foreground providing a sense of depth and context within the dense urban environment of the time. Shadows and lighting play across the scene, giving texture and a three-dimensional quality to the cityscape.

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