Father Duffy, Times Square by Berenice Abbott (c. 1935-39)

The photograph “Father Duffy, Times Square” was captured by the artist Berenice Abbott, approximately between 1935 and 1939. It is a black and white image that depicts the statue of Father Duffy in Times Square, New York City.

In the image, we see the back of the Father Duffy statue, which is draped with a fabric-like covering with folds and creases, giving the impression of a shrouded figure. The statue rises in the foreground against a backdrop of lively city signs and advertisements, including neon and electric billboards for various products and entertainment. The contrast between the stoic statue and the bustling commercial background captures a moment in time reflecting the energy and commercialism of Times Square in the mid-1930s. The composition and lighting focus the viewer’s attention on the statue while still providing a clear sense of the urban environment it’s situated within.

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