DePeyster Statue, Bowling Green by Berenice Abbott (c. 1935-39)

The photograph titled “DePeyster Statue, Bowling Green” was captured by artist Berenice Abbott sometime around 1935 to 1939. It depicts a statue located in Bowling Green, a small public park in Lower Manhattan, New York City.

In the photograph, the statue of a seated individual, depicted with a sense of grandeur and historical significance, is foregrounded. This figure, whose pedestal elevates him above the viewer’s vantage point, provides a stark contrast to the towering art deco skyscrapers that rise ambitiously in the background. The large buildings flank the statue on both sides, defining the urban canyon of the street while the bright light of day accentuates the verticality of the architecture and casts dynamic shadows. The composition artfully juxtaposes the permanence and solidity of the statue against the vertical growth and density of the urban environment, creating a dialogue between New York’s past and its 20th-century manifestation.

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