Wanda wiggles her hips by Robert Doisneau (1953)

The photograph titled “Wanda wiggles her hips” was captured by artist Robert Doisneau in 1953. It is a black and white image with a candid and documentary style, depicting an indoor scene with a woman dancing or posing with her hands behind her head and one hip cocked, as if she’s wiggling her hips. She is framed within a doorway or opening, which acts as a natural frame within the image. In the foreground, a group of men are silhouetted, watching the dancer, suggesting an audience or viewers. The setting appears casual and possibly impromptu, with a mixture of engagement and everyday activity. In the background, through the doorframe, there is a glimpse of the outside world where people are going about their business, including individuals on bicycles, enhancing the spontaneous, slice-of-life quality of the photograph.

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