Sunday morning in Arcueil by Robert Doisneau (1945)

The photograph “Sunday morning in Arcueil” was taken by Robert Doisneau in the year 1945. It depicts a street scene that appears to capture a casual and relaxed atmosphere typical of a Sunday morning. The image is black and white, evoking a sense of the historical period it comes from. In the photograph, there is a group of individuals in what looks like a small town or suburban setting.

The buildings lining the street have a uniformity to them with shutters, suggesting a residential area. In the foreground, two women are engaged in a conversation, one of them holding a bicycle upright on its stand. Behind them and further down the street, small clusters of people are standing and interacting with each other. A signage on the building to the right reads “LA SA…”, possibly the cropped name of a shop or a cafe. The overall mood of the photograph is tranquil, with the interactions amongst the individuals suggesting a close-knit community enjoying a leisurely morning.

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