Sidelong glance by Robert Doisneau (1948)

“Sidelong Glance” is a black-and-white photograph taken by the artist Robert Doisneau in the year 1948. The image captures an intriguing street scene. Framed within an elaborate picture frame on the left side of the photograph, there appears to be a painting of a nude standing in a classical pose, which is juxtaposed with the everyday life of the city street. The focal point of the photograph is a couple passing by the artwork. The woman is giving a curious look to the painting while the man appears fairly nonchalant or perhaps intentionally diverting his attention away from it. The woman is wearing a coat and a stylish hat, while the man is dressed in a suit and wearing a hat as well, indicative of the fashion of the period. In the background, other elements of the urban environment and additional passersby can be observed, contributing to the snapshot of life at the time.

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