Wade Ward’s Granddaughters, by Lee Friedlander

The photograph “Wade Ward’s Granddaughters” was taken by Lee Friedlander in Galax, Virginia. In the black and white image, two young women are seated at a table with a patterned tablecloth. The girl to the left is wearing a coat with a scarf tied around her neck, her expression is one of mild contentment, and she appears to be poised and self-composed. The girl to the right wears a button-up shirt with a collar and has a gentle expression with a hint of a smile. Behind them, there is a screened window and what looks like a jukebox or gaming machine. The room gives off a homey, dated vibe, with various objects in the background that suggest a domestic or familiar setting. The sunlight streams through the window, illuminating the girls’ faces and casting gentle shadows within the room.

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