Lafayette, Louisiana by Lee Friedlander (1968)

The photograph titled “Lafayette, Louisiana,” captured by artist Lee Friedlander in 1968, offers a glimpse into a moment on the streets of Lafayette. It is a black and white image, presenting a candid and dynamic scene.

The photograph displays a young woman in a sleeveless, sparkling dress and white boots, possibly a majorette or parade participant, captured in profile as she practices her routine. She is extending her left arm, with a baton in hand, creating a shadow on the street that suggests movement. In the background, there are bystanders and a cyclist, with some houses and automobiles, which help set the scene in a residential neighborhood. Central to the composition is a utility pole that bisects the image, projecting a strong vertical line and adding a sense of depth. Above the woman is a sign with the word “SPUR,” accompanied by a star, adding a touch of Americana to the scene. The photograph, with its snapshot aesthetic, captures a sense of everyday life, frozen in time, characteristic of Friedlander’s work.

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