Vitelloni, 29th Street and Second Avenue by William Klein (1954-55)

The photograph titled “Vitelloni, 29th Street and Second Avenue” is a work by artist William Klein, created during the period of 1954-55. This black and white image captures a lively moment on a street corner, featuring a group of people in an urban setting.

In the photo, a young boy is being hoisted onto the shoulders of a smiling man, creating a focal point in the scene. The boy appears to be playful and happy, wearing a suit with a vest and a bow tie, and his expression suggests excitement or glee. The man lifting him up is also enjoying the moment, sharing a smile with another man to his left. The background is dominated by a liquor store with its sign prominently displayed, and the architecture indicates an urban environment, possibly a New York City neighborhood given the title. The candid nature of the shot and the street setting are indicative of Klein’s style, capturing the spontaneity and vitality of city life.

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