St Patrick’s Day, Fifth Avenue by William Klein (1954-55)

The photograph titled “St Patrick’s Day, Fifth Avenue” was taken by artist William Klein in the years 1954-55. The photo is black and white and captures a candid moment during St Patrick’s Day celebrations on Fifth Avenue.

In the photograph, two young women are in the foreground, dominating the frame. They appear to be in motion, walking or perhaps amidst a crowd. The woman on the left is looking down and to her side, with her hair flowing and a part of her scarf or coat collar visible, while the woman on the right looks more directly towards the camera with a somewhat impassive or intense expression. The background is populated with onlookers and appears slightly blurred, likely due to the movement and perhaps the photographic technique, emphasizing the sense of motion and activity typical for such public events. The high contrast and play with focus give the image a dynamic and somewhat gritty aesthetic that is characteristic of street photography of this era.

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