Untitled (Michael and Christopher outside brick building) by Ralph Eugene Meatyard (1960)

The photograph titled “Untitled (Michael and Christopher outside brick building)” was created by artist Ralph Eugene Meatyard in 1960. It depicts two children outside a rustic brick building. One child is standing motionlessly on the ground, facing towards a window of the building where the second child appears to be captured in mid-motion, blurring the figure and conveying a sense of movement or perhaps ghostliness. The window has an arched design, which provides a contrasting frame to the brick texture of the building. In the foreground, there is a wooden barrel lying on its side and an old chair, both suggesting a sense of abandonment or disuse. The overall composition of the photograph, with its play on stillness and motion against the backdrop of an aged building, creates a haunting and somewhat surreal atmosphere.

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