Untitled (Christopher, twice) by Ralph Eugene Meatyard (1959)

“Untitled (Christopher, twice)” is a photograph by Ralph Eugene Meatyard taken in 1959. The image appears to be a black and white photograph depicting what seems to be two identical young boys with similar haircuts, positioned between two large, coarse-textured stones or concrete blocks. Their expressions are notably blank or neutral, and they are gazing directly ahead. Behind the subjects, there is a darker area which appears to be set lower than the area where the individuals are standing, and an abundant foliage can be seen along with a tree in the background, which contributes to the sense of an outdoor setting. The composition of the photo creates an intriguing reflection or doubling effect which may suggest a mirror is involved or a twin scenario. The overall atmosphere is somewhat eerie and thought-provoking, in line with Meatyard’s known style of incorporating masks and staging photos to blur the lines between reality and fiction.

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