Untitled (Cranston Ritchie) by Ralph Eugene Meatyard (c. 1958-60)

The photograph “Untitled (Cranston Ritchie)” by Ralph Eugene Meatyard, taken around 1958-60, depicts what appears to be a middle-aged man standing in a wooden doorway. His body is partially visible, with one hand holding onto the door frame and the other holding a pair of eyeglasses. He wears a dark suit jacket over a lighter shirt and pants. The wooden texture of the door frame and the wall is rough and weathered, and the man looks directly at the camera with a neutral expression. To the right in the photograph, there’s a glimpse of a hand on the edge of the door frame, suggesting the presence of another person just outside the frame. The image is monochromatic, adding to the timeless quality of the scene.

Other Photographs from Ralph Eugene Meatyard

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